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What reviewers are saying...

Newark Star-Ledger: " While Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have taken the lead on television, Tom Tomorrow has been leading the charge with his weekly comic strip."

San Antonio Express News: "Tomorrow's political wit is mean, sarcastic and fun."

GIANT Magazine: "Daniel Perkins has been making cartoons for over 20 years, and his work has never been sharper. This Modern World stands out as a voice of reason, pointing out the trouble weıre in and providing comfort to those who already recognize it."

SF Weekly: "Like Jon Stewart, Tomorrow points out whatever ridiculousness resides in the day's talking points, often using a politician's public record to counter some bullshit he's trying to foist on the public. And Tomorrow's aesthetic, with plain, clip art­like characters residing fully in their stereotypes ‹ the suit-wearing conservative, the pipe-smoking liberal, the new-wave penguin (?) ‹ is a joy to observe."

Boise Weekly: "Every week around the nation Tom Tomorrow evokes laughter in those who are confounded and depressed about the trajectory of our nation."

Memphis Flyer: "I don't have to tell you how dead-on right Tomorrow is. I mean left."

Arkansas Times: "Nobody says more about the Bush administration in fewer words than syndicated cartoonist Tom Tomorrow."

What readers are saying...

"Believe it or not, there are still folks in Utah who haven't been introduced to your amazing cartoonery. So I bought two books, one for myself, and one for my mother and father in-laws. The in-laws couldn't put it down, and neither could my older kids, who swiped my copy to share with their friends at their high school. Just as a great testimonial to the supposed power of your book, one of the counselors at their high school, who got a peek at it when we returned to Oregon, declared that anyone else bringing such a "monstrous challenge and insult to the authority of the White House" would be suspended from school on the spot. Haven't seen any suspensions yet, but we hope to soon! My in-laws said that This Modern World is the best strip they have seen in years and is even better than what they remember of Doonesbury when it came out. Thanks for all your work!"

"I just got the book, and itıs wonderful! The color is most impressive, almost (but not quite) enough to make my eyes bleed. To repeat what others have said, itıs also very nice to read them sequentially and to have a record of how we were right, even when Michael Moore and the rest of us skeptics were saying so way back in the dark days of March 2003 and before. When itıs not making me shake my head sadly, itıs making me smile, and thatıs invaluable these days. Thank you, sir, and keep up the good work; even if you donıt see tangible evidence of it every day, we are out there, and your voice is a comfort to those of us who wonder if anyone else feels the way we do."

"Would like to think I was the first person in Germany to own a copy. You kept me sane when I was in America, somehow feeling like I'd stepped right into the pages of 1984. Reassuring to know I wasn't the only one not wholly convinced by the big lies and the spin and whatever. Re-reading "Hell in a Handbasket" and the "Great Big Book" I keep getting this strange sense of deja vu here with Iran coming...We've been here before, we're just not learning."

"Like many people, I have limited resources and give annually to as many progressive and environmental orgs as I can, so I dont feel I have much left over. I'm a stay-at-home dad w/ no income, my wife makes <$40k, we're saving for the kids' college, etc. But I do read your blog all the time. So I wanted to contribute (plus I loved the Great Big Book), but I wasnt sure I would buy this one.
Here's what I came up with. All the change in the dish on my dresser amounted to about ten bucks -- maybe some people have more, some less, who ever counts it? Anyway, we have these (warning: product ad coming) Coinstar machines in all our local supermarkets. I always thought they were such a ripoff because they take, like, 8.5% of your penny collection just to change your change into more usable $$.
But now (you see where this is going) they are partnering with Amazon. Dump in your coins, select e-certificate, and skip that 8.5% fee. Back online at home, enter the number from the Coinstar slip during your Amazon checkout and Hell in a Handbasket turns out to be "free." (Or, it felt like that anyway, since the pennies especially were just piling up uselessly; if I'd had enough dimes to cover shipping it really would have seemed like a free book.)
So that's my 2 cents, or 1000 cents: another easy way for people to buy your book and clean off their dressertop all at once! (Gee, I feel like Heloise). "

"I bought this the day it was released, and I want to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I can't. It was funny, interesting, and the comics were extremely well chosen.
My only complaint is that reading it was like a horrible trip through the worst of the last four years. The book is funny, but this period has been, as Ann Coulter says, "nothing remotely funny."

"Great job. I'm buying extra copies for friends, including a couple of Republicans. Also, anyone who has Daniel Handler's support has mine."

"We've already sold thru our first prepack of 'Hell in a Handbasket" which is no mean feat for a small bookstore only open nine months in the same town as the mighty Powell's. (The only other two books that have sold as well are Al Franken's "The Truth' and Neil Gaiman's 'Anansi Boys.")
Even better, there's an election here in May. We're having a forum with the candidates at the store, and asked them to provide a list of titles they'd recommend to their customers. As you can see, Jim Robison suggested 'Hell...'
Thanks for being there for us!"

"I pre-ordered a copy back when you were trying to get your Amazon ranking to rise. Once I got it and read it, it seemed like the perfect distillation of how this country slid into the sorry state it's in now. Between the brutally accurate & concise commentary and the luscious color, I decided it was a steal at $9.72, so I ordered 6 more copies (plus the 'Great Big Book of Tomorrow'). I'll give some to family and a couple to some conservative co-workers who are beginning to have doubts about W (although they have stolen one of your classic retorts and now routinely ask me "Why do you hate America?")."

"I have gained an appreciation of your comics as a body of work, rather than just a weekly strip. Your commentary strikes me as being almost eerie in its prescience, especially when read back-to-back like this. As it stands now, in book form, "Hell in a Handbasket" has way more impact than a comic strip has any business having. That, and it looks bitchin' cool on my coffee table."

"I've been reading your site for years and your strip for much longer. I'm blown away that you always manage to so succinctly nail whatever subject you're taking on, and I look forward to a new strip every week. What's interesting about Hell in a Handbasket is the devastating cumulative effect. Seeing the last few years of lies and malfeasance we've been subjected to laid out so concisely is -- and I mean this as high praise of your genius as a critic and satirist -- enough to make somebody want to throw themselves under a bus. Keep up the good work, man!"

"Like others I know, I've spent the past several years reading your cartoon for free every Tuesday on Workingforchange.com. This afternoon, after cashing my check, I did my duty by swinging by my local bookstore and purchasing a copy of your book. And WOW! It surpassed all expectations; I plan to buy an additional copy for my brother and sister-in-law. For one, the vivid colors are lost when the comic is read online, and really add something to the art. But by far the best reason to buy this book is to have all of the cartoons in one place, in top visual form. This collection of comics, viewed together, acts as a timeline of our descent into collective insanity, presented with nightmarish hilarity. And the title fits: your book is an absurdist view of hell."

"I read your cartoon regularly in Salon but it looks so much better here, and their cumulative weight is considerable: what weekly is a pointed Monday chuckle makes for daunting commentary when it's all in the same place. But still funny. But also enraging. But, also, funny."

"I bought "Hell in a Handbasket" this weekend, and I love it. I was a little reluctant to buy it, since I had read all of the cartoons when they came out. I'm guessing many of your readers might feel the same way. However, reading them consecutively rather than weekly adds a lot to the enjoyment. Also, it's great to see proof that liberals were making prescient arguments at the time the events were unfolding and that we really aren't just criticizing in hindsight (this is, of course, how I remember it, but memory can be tricky). Also, the quality of the printing is great and there are a lot of classic strips in there."

"The 'toons look wonderful. The print quality and colors are excellent, and do indeed look better than on one's monitor. But more striking to me, and this occured with the first "This Modern World" anthology, is the writing. Its striking, after all this time, to look back and realize that sane people were making rational arguments, amidst madness. Its very easy for us, and more importantly, for politicians to say "We got fooled by bad intelligence! We were misled! Cripes!" But the fact is, many of us weren't fooled. We smelled bullshit and called it. And you Dan, drew it. Overall, this anthology, besides being beautiful, provides some much needed perspective on where we are at and how we got here."

"I just finally found a copy of your book at a local bookstore last night. I haven't read it all yet, but I'm impressed by two things. First, the print quality and feel of the pages is impressive. Second, as I read the first dozen or so strips (all of which I'd read as they came out, of course), I realized how prescient you were. It's fascinating to see how many things that have happened in recent months were covered by strips you wrote a few years ago."

"Some of your stuff from 2002 and 2003 was sadly, sadly, distressingly prescient. You're a genius."

"I just re-checked the order and realized that they are only 10 bucks on Amazon, so I ordered 4 more. You might want to let people know that this is a *very* inexpensive way to support their favorite ....ummmm.... political cartoonist? truth teller? bs detector? eye poker? however they regard you. I'm giving mine (save one) as gifts, and recommend others do the same."

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