Signed prints

Signed, full color prints of the Tom Tomorrow cartoon of your choice--$35 (shipping and handling included).

What you get: a signed, suitable-for-framing, high quality inkjet print on gloss 8/5x11 photo paper (image size approximately 7.5x8).

How it works:

1. Go to the archives and choose any cartoon from 2000 on (strips from earlier years are not available at this time, sorry).

2. Go to PayPal and sign up with them, if you're not already registered, and make a payment of $35 to this email address:


3. Fill in the "Note" box, telling me how you want it signed (VERY brief messages only, please)...and within three to four weeks it should be on your doorstep.

Note: these are not original artworks--they are high quality prints. Also note that I can only accept payment through Paypal--sorry if that's a problem, but I just don't have time to deal with anything else.