Enterprise Square USA (Oklahoma City) ... a rundown homage to the glories of capitalism which, perversely, has almost nothing for sale in its gift shop. (Update 10/26/04: I am informed that Enterprise Square has closed its doors for good.)

These are life-sized audioanimatronic heads, which sing and crack jokes. A couple of them were malfunctioning badly, making a creepy experience even creepier.

These giant capitalists all had little videodisplays which would presumably have told their stories, if they had been working, which of course they were not.

Our teenaged guide read from a script and this 70's-era robot gave pre-recorded answers, all in a fake donut shop set up to teach us about the laws of supply and demand. Seriously.

This giant video head, designed by some insane libertarian Nam June Paik-wannabe, goes ballistic as it discusses intrusive government regulations.

Happy children interacting with the robot, in a postcard -- one of the few things for sale in the gift shop (where the teenaged guide, incidentally, couldn't figure out how to operate the cash register).

No they're not.