The Chotchke Museum

In which you will find peculiar toys and chotchkes from the personal collection of Tom Tomorrow

  • The Atomic Bomb game. This is one of those small, enclosed games, the point of which is to roll the BBs into indentations on the printed game card. The BBs in this game are encased in rubber pill-like shapes, and represent atomic bombs. The point of the game is to roll them into indentations labeled "Hiroshima" and "Nagasaki." This is an actual game, manufactured by the now-defunct Gilbert Toy Company of New Haven, Connecticut.

  • The emotional green blob.

  • What party is complete without icenudes?

  • The Pistol Packin' Momma. Press down on her head and her--er--pistol rises from between her legs. Except--it's not a pistol at all! If you know what we mean! Oh, what wacky feminist-bashing fun!

  • Inexplicable Japanese action figures, part one

  • Inexplicable Japanese action figures, part two

  • Groovy sixties girl

  • Hello, sweetheart, I'm the talking wolf

  • I heartily disagree with what you have to say, so...