Pictures from the frontlines of the Republican National Convention

Monday, July 31, 2000

Sam Donaldson about to give his daily webcast. Sam is quite excited about this whole internet thing -- he seems certain that it's more than a fad, going so far as to declare that soon, anyone who doesn't have a website will be considered a dinosaur!

Sam also justifies his network's lack of coverage by likening the convention to one big political commercial -- and since other advertisers have to pay for commercial time, he doesn't see why the political parties should get it for free.

And while Sam is whining about the complete lack of news at this convention ...

... outside, there are thousands of demonstrators taking part in the Kensington Welfare Rights Union March down Broad Street. Of course, it's nice and air conditioned in the big inflatable media tents where Sam is hanging out, and who wants to get all sweaty and sunburned just to cover a bunch of damn protesters?

The marchers had no permit but worked out some kind of deal with the cops permitting them to march toward the First Union Center -- but don't worry! They were shunted off to a neighboring park before any media types like Sam, or any sensitive Republican delegates, would have even been able to catch a glimpse of them!

Laura Flanders interviews Gary Bauer for Working Assets Radio. I couldn't hear the interview but I did hear Bauer exclaim in a somewhat exasperated tone, "You must be at the wrong convention!"