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Pictures from the frontlines of the Republican National Convention

Tuesday, August 1, 2000

My next author photo. What can I say?

The giant inflatable media tents. It is, you will pardon the expression, a circus like atmosphere.

Newt Gingrich with a man who is either holding a tiny microphone or tickling him under the chin. After witnessing an arena full of Republicans whacking phallic balloons together - the directions to which read "blow in here until firm" - I'd pretty much believe it either way.

Pat Robertson speaking to the faithful. The Christian Coalition was apparently allowed one official function, far away from the convention center - and it was packed. The new happy-face Republicans are trying to stuff these people in a closet, but don't kid yourselves - they're still out there. Highlight of the event: listening to Mitch McConnell explain why campaign finance reform is an evil liberal plot.

George Bush for sale.

Peter Jennings on the floor. Note the monitor hanging on the cameraman's chest, which allows Jennings to watch himself out of the corner of his eye as he pontificates.

Chairman George addresses the faithful.

A whole lotta damn Republicans.