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Rarities Archive

  • Promotional poster for Association of Alternative Newsweeklies convention in New Orleans, July 2001
  • Poster art for the play P.R. Man by Robert Lyons, May 2001
  • Cleveland Free Times, April 2001
  • Illustration for Yahoo Internet Life , February 2001, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Palm, by Larry Smith
  • New York Times letters page illustration (Sept. 2000)
  • Cover art for Trust Us, We're Experts
  • Cover art for the Nation, March 27, 2000
  • Cover art for Censored 2000 from Seven Stories Press
  • Illustration for The Second Sexual Revolution, Jack Hitt, New York Times Magazine, (2-2-00). Part of the illustration was also used on the cover (which I did not design)
  • Tom Tomorrow's Christmas Card (1999)
  • Illustration for 'Warren Beatty's Next Role,' an article which appeared in the Village Voice. (8-18-99)
  • Illustration for Orlando Weekly (1998)
  • Cover for the Village Voice, September 23, 1998. View the original sketch, including 2 panels that were dropped to make room for the cover logo.
  • Cover for Madison Isthmus, (1997)
  • cover of New York Times Magazine (4-20-97); and the same illustration as it appeared in a 1997 issue of Courier International (word balloons seem to be translated loosely at best).
  • Cover illustration for the New Haven Advocate (10-3-96)
  • Cover for the San Francisco Bay Guardian, inspired by Newt's declaration that homosexuality is "an orientation in the way that alcoholism is an orientation." (12-28-94)
  • Cover for Sacramento News and Review, Top Ten Censored Stories of 1994
  • Illustration for Bay Guardian cartoon contest announcement, around 1994
  • Cover for San Francisco Bay Guardian, Top Ten Censored Stories of 1993
  • cover for Real Girl comics, edited by Angela Bocage, 1993
  • Cover for the book Toxic Sludge is Good For You! by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton
  • Image Magazine cover, 1992
  • SF Weekly cover, 1991, on the San Francisco mayoral race
  • Cover for the book Washington on $10 Million a Day, by Ken Silverstein.

The New Yorker

The Nation

US News & World Report

  • Cartoon for Columbia University graduate student union campaign (April 2002)
  • Then and Now, New York Times op-ed page (3/15/01)
  • What will Clinton do?, New York Times op-ed page(11/6/00)
  • Politically Incorrect, from the fall issue of TV Guide (of all places...) (1999)
  • This Purposeful World, parts one and two -- a report from the Republican Convention, July 2000 (Village Voice)
  • Democratic Convention Confidential, parts one and two -- a report from Los Angeles, August 2000 (Village Voice)
  • Village Voice page on Brookly Art Museum controversy (1999)
  • New York Times Endpaper (1995)
  • A one-page comic for Mother Jones from the mid-nineties. In the third panel, the word balloon originally read Do you want that in small bills?, but the brave souls at Mojo were afraid they would get sued by Patton, Boggs & Blow and made me change it.
  • This look at a typical comics page was a collaboration with Paul Mavrides, for a special issue of FAIR's magazine, Extra!

Other Rarities
  • The cartoon that Brill's Content solicited and then rejected for their premiere issue. (1998)
  • Part 1 and Part 2 of Those Wacky Republicans -- a report from the front which appeared in the New Haven Advocate (4-24-97)
  • Sparky for President bumper sticker (1996)
  • A rough cover sketch of a cover with the original title for what initially became The Wrath of Sparky. Also, the full color final cover (1994)
  • Spark/Zippy collaboration piece with Bill Griffith for the San Francisco Examiner (11-17-92)
  • A poster for the band Primus from New Year's Eve (1992)
  • T-shirt design for San Francisco bookstore, early nineties
  • A promotional piece from the early nineties
  • I worked at a t-shirt company during the late eighties. This was a proposed design which never made it into production.
  • Part 1 and part 2 of a two-pager I did for some comic book in the late eighties
  • An illustration after Rube Goldberg, late eighties
  • Poster for San Francisco improv comedy group Faultline, late eighties
  • Another piece for Faultline
  • Who is Tom Tomorrow?, from the comic book Suburban High Life, 1987.
  • Writing on the Wall was a xeroxed zine I put out in 1983, featuring a lot of found text and images, and which probably marked the beginning of my fascination with old advertising imagery

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