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Subject: S------- from Baghdad thinks you might want to post this.
Date: October 27, 2004 2:02:24 PM EDT

Ah-Salaam Ale-Kum!

Currently on deployment on Baghdad and I had a chance to hit an internet Cafe and came accross this bit of the recurring trend of Republican "Blatant Deception or Gross Incompetence...You be the Judge):

Case in point, a research briefing on John Kerry's Defense Record was a wholly ficticious chain letter emailed to a Republican Party staffer.

"Typically the "facts" in these chain emails have been cribbed directly off right-wing websites, after which the emails themselves are posted to even more websites. Soon, lo and behold, a lie is so widespread that it can, with plausible deniability, be disseminated by a more established source. For example, a chain letter about Kerry's supposed Senate votes on military spending was recently repackaged as a "Research Briefing" for the website of the Republican Party. "

Via Snopes.com Urban Legends Investigation page involving Anti-Kerry testimonials.


I personally am waiting for a story close to the election where we learn John Kerry is so evil that he Killed Horny Teenagers with his HOOK HAND or so dumb he invested in Nigerian Embezzlement Scemes.

This Joe over here thanks guys like yourself for keeping political dialogue alive, relevant (well, once in a while) and worth fighting for.